Diabetic Foods to Avoid – Discover the Foods That Can Wreak Havoc on Your Diabetic Condition

If you have diabetes, it’s important that you adjust both your lifestyle and your diet by learning which diabetic foods to avoid. Diabetes is a condition caused by a lack of insulin production within your body which is normally created by your pancreas. This is an important function since it’s responsible for turning your glucose into energy. If you’re diabetic, then you need to pay particular attention to your eating habits and try to eat foods that have high amounts of fiber and are low in fat. If you can, you should also avoid carbohydrates as they are not recommended for people with diabetes.

Diabetes is a world-wide problem so it’s no surprise that foods that are ideal for diabetics can be readily found. But the catch is that many doctor’s will warn you that buying these types of diabetic foods without proper planning can cause more harm than good. If you’re not careful, some of these food products can have high fat content and can even be very expensive to purchase.

Creating A Plan

As a diabetic, you need understand the importance of eating a healthy diet. By working closely with a nutritionist, you can have a custom made diabetes meal plan created just for you. They can plan all your meals regardless of whether they are the major meals or simply snacks. Sticking to this type of plan can do wonders in effectively controlling your blood glucose levels.

Once your diabetic meal plan has been created, use it as a guide for your daily diet. Most solid diabetes diets will include lots of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits as major parts of each meal. Proteins are another essential part of any diabetes diet plan and should include as many lean meats as possible. Low-fat dairy products can also be included as long as you don’t over do it.

Diabetic Foods to Avoid

OK, so what foods should you avoid as a diabetic? Let’s start with everyone’s weakness – sweets! Anything with lots of sugar should be avoided as well as foods with lots of salt. Eating too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure which is not something you want as a diabetic. You also want to avoid saturated fats as much as possible. Foods with high saturated fat can lead to cardiovascular problems which many diabetic patients already have. Some of the foods that typically contain saturated fats are butter, dairy products, anything that is fried, and even margarine.

In addition to avoiding foods that are full of saturated fat, try to use low-fat or skim milk choices. You also must avoid eating fried foods at all costs. Stick with lean meats including lots of fish which can be steamed, grilled, or even broiled to keep it a healthy menu option. And it goes without saying, reduce your alcohol intake or eliminate it entirely from your diet if at all possible.

Learning how to eat the right foods can help you successfully manage your diabetic condition and will ultimately lead to a longer and healthier life. Don’t procrastinate and tell yourself that you will get around to eating healthier next week or next month. Take that important first step and you may be surprised at how much difference a successful diabetic meal plan can make to your life.