Organic Food Production Is Great for Testosterone Levels and the Environment

Everything in life is related. The food we eat is related to the health of our bodies. The testosterone we naturally produce is related to the quality and purity of the foods we eat. Organically grown foods with no fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides added are related to how much testosterone we produce naturally. The carbon in our atmosphere which is causing global warming is related to how much water our soils will safely retain for growing our foods.

By getting the formula right for producing our foods organically, we can reduce our need for water – which if you haven’t noticed is in desperate short supply; we can maintain richer soils that grow increased production of our chemical-free crops and with the right growing techniques, it serves to pull this carbon out of the air we breathe, thus reversing the filth in our air. Organic production will maximize our health and testosterone production, clean up our air, solves our water shortages and hopefully it will bankrupt our greedy food-processing corporations.

It is hard to imagine a supermarket filled with only organic foods and produce, but we can all dream I suppose. Certainly the world would be a much healthier and happier place if the general population all had normal testosterone levels because the masses would be slimmer, more muscled, fitter and active and quite frankly much sexier. Indeed one of the reasons I live in China is because of the near absence of obesity here, and that life in the west is not a pretty site with fat people everywhere I look.

I dream of a world with of normal testosterone levels where the people are attractive to see in the street. After 18 visits to the United states of America, the widespread obesity is the single most striking reason that comes to mind of why I stopped going there.