What Food Makes You Fat: How to Win the Food Fight

What food makes you fat? You might be ticking off a mental list of cookies, cake, pies, ice cream, and other fatty, sugary treats, but what if we were to tell you that some of the foods you perceive as being healthy are some of the worst culprits? Some of the foods many dieters consume are also some of the very worst foods for weight loss.

Discover What Food Makes You Fat: The Worst Foods You Can Possibly Consume

The most fattening foods in the world include some things we might think of as healthy; some of them are even being touted as “diet” products. By no means is this an entire list; it’s simply a short list of some of the worst foods out there.

– Foods that Quickly Change to Sugar in Your Body – You probably already know that sugar is enemy number one. So are foods that rapidly break down, releasing mass amounts of sugar into your bloodstream. Many starchy, processed foods are at the top of this list. You might be surprised to discover that your “healthy” breakfast consisting of a popular granola brand, whole wheat toast, and a big glass of orange juice is contributing to your weight problem. Anything high on the glycemic index is included in this category.

– Artificial Sweeteners are made with chemicals. People have complained of all kinds of associated maladies when consuming these sweeteners on a regular basis, and many people who consume them end up taking in extra calories from other sources. If you need to use a sweetener, try stevia. It’s made from an herb and is known to help promote healthy blood sugar levels.

– Products Made from Genetically Modified Plants – Corn and soy, and even some alfalfa products, are not good for your health. Corn is the biggest culprit, and you’ll find it in many places where you’d never expect it to be. HFCS, or high fructose corn sweetener, is metabolized differently than sugar from sugar cane is, and is the worst sugar you can take in. Yet it is in all kinds of products! Soy and corn products that are not GMO free are designed to make money for manufacturers; they’re not designed to protect your health.

– Animal Products from Factory Farmed Animals contribute to weight gain. Animals on factory farms are kept in tight cramped conditions and often suffer from respiratory illnesses and infections. In an effort to keep these problems under control so that animals can reach market weight and be free from disease at market time, corporations supply farmers with a steady stream of antibiotics. Some animals, like dairy cows, are given hormones to increase milk production or increase growth.

While the FDA says that these substances are not harmful, independent studies have shown that these antibiotics and hormones are making their way into our food and into us. Doctors are concerned that the antibiotics they prescribe to cure infections are becoming less effective, thanks to the fact that our bodies are slowly building a tolerance to them. In addition, these animals produce fattier cuts of meat, due to their own lack of activity. Whether you’re for or against animal rights, this issue affects your weight, your health and it should concern you. Choose healthy meats from responsibly raised animals, and get milk and eggs from a safe independent source if possible.

Learning What Food Makes You Fat Helps You Win the Fat War

Winning the war on fat does represent an investment of time on your part; we are so overwhelmed with commercials from food producers promoting their latest tasty wares that we have often lost touch with what is really truly healthy for us. Using holistic methods for weight loss and focusing on overall health and lifestyle change instead of looking for quick fixes brings about permanent change, allowing you to live a better, healthier life.

Now that we have identified what food makes you fat, a healthy strategies is to replace old favorites with foods that help your weight loss program instead of hindering it.